In Patient Services

In Patient Services

Your Stay:

In case, you or your child is admitted for inpatient treatment, our endovers is to ensure that he/she is on the path to recovery. To serve you to the best of our ability please corporate with us by adhering to the following:

An advance amount noted below will have to be deposited on admission which will be adjusted towards the final bill. You can make the payments through cash or by debit / credit card. Payments through cheque is not accepted. The payment can also be transferred to our online bank accounts, the details of the same could also be availed at the pharmacy. Not more than two adults will be allowed in a single room.

Advance: Single room and Double room: Rs. 15000/- A/c SINGLE ROOM AND Double Room: Rs. 20000/- Suite Room: Rs. 20000/- -A/c Suite: Rs.25000/-

Once your child is admitted in the Hospital, he / she shall not be allowed to go outside the Hospital unless permission is obtained from the Physician. You may also submit a requisition in writing at the front office.


Switch off fan, light, TV when not in use. Do not use induction cooker, any other electrical appliances inside the room. This will cause power supply failure


Do not waste water. Ensure that taps are properly closed. Report leakage of water immediately to the Management. Water Supply will not be available from January 1st till the Raily season from 10 PM to 6 AM. Store water in the buckets provided.

Phone & TV:

Please do not allow children to handle Remote and Telephone. Use it carefully. If it is damaged no replacement will be available instantly.

Washing Area:

Water supply is limited. Please do not waste water.

Treatment & Meditation:

Do not discuss your problems regarding treatment & meditation with staff. Being it to teh notice of concerned Physicians. Please co-operate with treatment staff and medicine disbursement staff. Do not get disturbed in Treatmment Room. Your child is in safe hands.


You can make use of the garden behind the Hospital to recreate your child. Ensure that children do not pluck flowers, leaves, cause damage to plants and play equipments. Ensure you presence in garden along with the child.

Common Kitchen:

Please keep the kitchen clean, do not waste water, use essential utensils, and do not remove the weight from pressure cooker. DO not thrust too many times in the fridge, avoid keeping coconut with shell, potatoes, onions, over ripened vegetables, cooked food except milk in the fridge. Ensure that the door of the fridge is closed properly. Do not grind rice and cereals in the mixer. Damage due to wrong use of the fridge and mixie will result in the withdrawal of the facility. Please ensure your presence in the kitchen until the cooking is over. Ensure that LPG stove knobs are closed properly. Also ensure that food being cooked is not over-flowed and spilled. Avoid the presence of children in the kitchen. If you have any problems, please bring it to the notice of House keeper.

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