What is Dyslexia?

What is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a specific learning difficulty that mainly affects reading and spelling. It is often associated with similar conditions such as dyspraxia (difficult in co-ordination and organizing thoughts and movements) and dyscalculia (difficult in handling numbers).

Dyslexia is characterized by difficulties in:

»» Weakness in short-term verbal memory
»» Difficulties in Mathematical abilities
»» Difficulties in Concentration
»» Difficulties in Personal organization and processing information
»» Difficulties in co-ordination and ability to think or do things in the right sequence
»» Its effects may be seen in spoken as well as written languages. Dyslexic children’s difficulties may become apparent when they begin to learn to read. They may also be dyslexia in the family.


»» Abnormalities of the brain during development have been found is dyslexics
»» Have Hearing problems (like ear infection) during learning period
»» Visual problems such as unstable or blurred visions can confuse children and making reading very difficult
»» Some children have problems translating letters into the sounds they stand for. As a matter of fact dyslexics are very intelligent and talented individuals. Here are a few examples : 1. Albert Einstein, 2.Leonardo de Vinci, 3. Muhammad ail, 4. Walt Disney

Ayurveda Management of Dyslexia

»» • Internal use of medicated ghee such as Saraswata Grita is vital in the management of dyslexia in Ayurveda
»» Ayurveda believes that all diseases are due to weaker digestive power. So it is important to analysis the digestive power of the patient before giving the medicated Ghee
»» To improve the quality of digestion, we used to give Kiratamooladi Kashayam, Indukanthan Kashayam etc
»» The In-house therapies such as Siro vasti, Pichu etc is also found effective in such cases

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