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About CNS Ayurveda Chikitsalayam

The goodness of ayurveda, the guarantee of health and happiness for a life time from World's First ISO Certified Ayurveda Pediatric Hospital. At CNS Ayurveda chikitsalayam we believe in the near miraculous powers ofAyurveda. Founded by Late Shri Chatharu Nair, more than a century ago, the treatment methods in this Hospital have attained international acclaim. Our specialization in Pediatrics has enabled us to bring back the smiles on the faces ofmany a children - a reward we cherish and drives us from strength to Istrength. At the same time keeping the centuries- old tradition ofAyurveda alive in its purest form.

"On the path to full recovery God and Chatharu Nair contribute equally," so went the saying about our mentor. His knowledge about ayurveda was legendary and he developed many life saving medicines which has either given a new lease of life or enhanced the lives of thousands. This traditional heritage is carried on by Chatharu Nair's disciple Vaidyan Gangadharan Nair. Several cases where modern medicine could not give any relief have been treated successfully by him and the same continues through his son Dr.Manikandan.

Our Tradition

Ayurveda, is the oldest and most holistic medical system on this planet today. Sages and seers gave this ancient knowledge to mankind more than 5000 years ago. The Sanskrit term 'Ayurveda' is composed of two words- Ayus + Veda. Ayus means life and Veda means knowledge. So the literal meaning of Ayurveda is the “Science of Life”. Our founder’s profound knowledge about Ayurveda was legendary and he developed many life-saving medicines, which has either given a new lease of life or enhanced the lives of thousands. Chatharu Nair’s disciple Vaidyan Gangadharan Nair carries on this traditional heritage. Vaidyan Gangadharan Nair has treated several cases where modern medicine could not give any relief successfully. Most of the medicines prescribed and used in our hospital are enlisted in the approved list of pharmacies by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India under CS (MA) Rules.


To develop a healthy new generation through Ayurveda, to protect, enrich and popularise Ayurveda - the ancient science of India - for and within reach of common lay man.

Quality Policy

The management & staff of cns ayurveda chikitsalayam strive to enhance the organizational image and value of treatment through social commitment, continual improvement and focus on team work to provide alleviation of the ailing humanity and customer (Patient) satisfaction at a reasonable cost. This is achieved by committing ourself to the statutory and regulatory requirements and selfless service to the humanity.



Dr. K.P. Manikandan (BAMS, PGCCH)

Managing Director & Consulting Physician

Remya Manikandan



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